BDev Ventures


BDev Ventures is a venture capital company based in San Francisco. They accelerate and invest growth capital in high-potential B2B product and services companies, putting them in motion by expanding their sales funnels.

We redesign BDev Ventures corporate deck, adapting it with fresh and attractive visuals to generate impact in their two audiences: startups looking for funding and investors.

It was seamless working with Pictorica. They did a great job capturing the vision of the fund and were very timeline in their follow-ups. Looking forward to working with the Pictorica team in the future.

– Santiago Aparicio, Investor at BDev Ventures

Partnering-up with the client

Working closely with the team, we understand their objectives and the vision they wanted to show when using the deck. Whether online or face-to-face presentations, the deck will give them visual support, and the identity will reflect a solid brand to ensure they close more deals.

Creativity meets strategy

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