Amorebina is a brand of Moroccan textiles and crafts in Spain. With colorful products, creative textures, and handcrafted processes, they seek to bring color, calm, and a modern look to home spaces. Pictorica developed its visual identity, defining an elegant but modern logo and reflecting its essence through colors and shapes.

Visual Identity Guidelines

After defining the visual identity and its elements, we developed guidelines to ensure visual consistency across different media where the identity will be used. From the use of the logo to the color codes and typography, we focus on every detail to correctly transmit the brand’s essence. Any user of the manual could develop high-quality design pieces.

Brand collaterals

With the visual identity and defined guidelines, we create collaterals brand’s rollout in the market. The collaterals are designed to attract the client’s or prospect’s attention and make an unforgettable first impression of the brand.

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