Launch Video


BairesDev is one of the leading nearshore software development companies in the market. Our collaboration with BairesDev’s creative production team focused on creating a high-quality motion graphics video to launch a fresh new rebrand. Together with the team, we crafted a video to engage and captivate BairesDev’s audience while showcasing their new brand and positioning in the tech industry. Our mission was to produce a visually striking motion graphics video that resonated with the brand’s target audience and increased their engagement.

Creating the storyboard

To create the storyboard for the video, our workflow involved close collaboration with the team. They developed the script, and we worked closely with a professional voice actor to record the voice-over for the video. Our role was to create visually appealing scenes communicating the new BairesDev brand identity effectively. This involved designing a variety of assets, including images, characters, and a selection of stock videos.

Putting all the pieces together

The video for the BairesDev new brand launch was a blast, increasing their engagement and brand recognition across their different social media channels, landing pages, and email marketing campaign. By working together with the team to create a high-quality and dynamic video, we were able to achieve +500K impressions the day of the launch.

The results of our partnership speak for themselves. By utilizing our design expertise and the creative team’s strategic input, we were able to achieve outstanding results and create a successful partnership.

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