Chantli Realty


Chantli Realty is a real estate agency in the heart of New Orleans, United States. Its mission is to help families find the home of their dreams, with a patient, educational, and high-quality guidance. Chantli was looking to reflect in its identity the essence of New Orleans, being the city where it offers its services. With a colorful logo referring to the city’s architecture and reflecting with the typography a mix of fun and festivity with history and cultural heritage.

Identity Manual

After defining the brand identity and its elements, we created a manual to ensure visual consistency in the different media outlets where the brand will be used. From the use of the logo to the color codes and typographies, we take care of every detail in order to correctly transmit the essence of the brand to any user of the manual.

Branding collaterals

Chantli is a new brand in the market, so branded applications will help them engage in more valuable ways with their customers, as they feel identified and connected to the brand.

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