Dun & Bradstreet LATAM


Dun & Bradstreet LATAM


Dun & Bradstreet provides essential data and insights to help companies make better business decisions. We define the brand’s visual identity: colors, fonts, and graphic elements, as well as a brand book, to ensure consistency across multiple channels. Partnering with the marketing team, we defined the new visual identity and different marketing collaterals, from corporate presentations to brochures, animated videos, and stationery.

A vibrant look and feel

Partnering with Dun & Bradstreet LATAM allows us to understand its goals and target audience. Then use this information to create engaging and effective landing pages, motion graphics, and product videos to showcase their expertise in a dynamic and visually appealing way.

A comprehensive approach

With the recently renewed identity, there were a lot of outdated and inconsistent materials. We came up with a plan to redesign and boost them all to the next level using the new guidelines. We help to ensure that the brand and messaging are consistently reflected throughout all of its materials, from presentations to reports to emails.

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