Alguien feliz de limpiar su algombra


Clean Clean Hurra!


How happy we are when everything is clean, right? Clean Clean Hurray! is a brand dedicated to the cleaning of garments. Being new in the market, they were looking for a name and a different, creative, and fun identity that would differentiate them from the competition, while maintaining the professionalism and quality of their services.

Logo Clean Clean Hurra!

Flawless naming

We were looking for a unique and different name. We all know the feeling we get when we see something clean and shiny, a feeling that makes us want to celebrate! We took the well-known celebratory phrase “Hip Hip Hurray!” and adapted it to the brand’s purpose and services with the word “clean”.

Nombre de marca Clean Clean Hurra!

A shiny logo

We created the logo and visual identity of the brand following the same concept of the name: celebrating cleanliness. We chose the visual elements, typography, and colors to reflect this concept.

Logotipo blanco de Clean Clean Hurra!
Simbolo de felicidade Clean Clean Hurra!

Squeaky clean!

We applied the visual identity to different formats that would be in touch with customers and made the brand squeaky clean!

Tarjeta de presentación Clean Clean Hurra!
Contenido de redes sociales Clean Clean Hurra!
Publicidad impresa Clean Clean Hurra!

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