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Benito is a coworking space, but not just any coworking space: it is the first industrial coworking space in the Bajío region. With the capability to offer spaces and tools for industrial projects, Benito was looking to define its visual identity to reflect its essence. We designed its logo and different uses, reflecting a pleasant coworking environment, without leaving aside its industrial approach.

Logo Benito Coworking
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First of its kind

We were looking for the identity to be applicable to the different spaces that Benito offers: from its offices to its tool workshops. We defined dynamic elements to be able to play with the spaces and maintain the consistency of the brand.

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Everyone should know

As a new concept in the city, we designed social media content so that everyone could get to know Benito. We created content for Instagram stories and Facebook posts, as well as different print media for the brand to ensure consistency.

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